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Nylon Fully Drawn Yarn

This nylon yarn has many practical applications, and is used for knitting, weaving, sportswear, and warp knitting. Stockings and umbrellas too are made from this type of nylon yarn.

We can produce any yarn from 20 denier to 100 denier with the installed capacity.

Please view the PDF if you would like to know more about our product & their specifications.

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Warp Knitting Fabrics

Warp-knitting has a number of applications through which we are able to manufacture products such as: Furnishing Fabrics, Curtain, Mesh Fabric, Brushed Fabric.
Uses :-
Sportswear : Shoe Fabric, Mash Fabric, Interlining Fabric
Home Textiles : Furnishing Fabrics, Bed Sheet / Bed Cover, Curtain
Automotive Textiles : Car Seat Cover, Car Interior Lining, Upholstery Fabrics, Brushed Fabrics, Scrim Fabrics
Garments Grey Fabrics : Soft Net, Brasso, Mono Net, Square Net, etc..
All Kind of Net Fabric for sarees

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Raschel Fabrics

Our plant is equipped with full-scale knitting division offering raschel fabrics as per customer's requirements & market trends.

Raschel Fabrics Includes :
Raschel allover designs, Raschel jari allover, All kinds of Raschel fabrics for Garments & Sarees.

Nylon Mother Yarn

This yarn is basically used for splitting and then used in various knitting & weaving processes. It helps in saving cost against warping mono yarn. At Salasar Group, we believe in quality so we strive to maintain quality at all times.

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Circular Knitted Fabrics

With our installed capacity, we can produce t-shirt fabrics, automobile inter-lining fabrics, sportswear fabric and various clothing fabrics. We use quality yarn and strict monitoring process which helps us in producing quality products.